February 13, 2019

Some Gym exercises I do to help build strength and physical conditioning. Please be careful attempting these on your own. Seek help and guidance from a professional trainer before starting a serious exercise regimen such as this.

My goals are to build endurance, streng...

January 20, 2016


Running Up the Mountain

(A martial arts parable)


Off in the distance, many miles ahead is a mountain.  The tallest mountain you’ve ever seen, it dwarfs the curving landscape and plunges everything next to it into a deep canyon of shadow.  It rises up through the smoky...

October 29, 2015



You are a busy, important person.  You have a job that is demanding and stressful.  You have a family that requires your loving attention.  You have bills to pay and forms to file.  You have events to plan and people to please.  You have a schedule that must be foll...

August 17, 2015

When I was in college I began to look for a way to expand my consciousness, just like the protagonists of many of my favorite books did on their own spiritual journeys.  I loved the idea of living in a much larger universe than the one we see and feel every day; not si...

June 23, 2015

How to tie your belt.

May 26, 2015

Calmly energize your mind & body



The concept of calm energy may be difficult for some to grasp.  It may seem counter-intuitive in our fast paced over-caffinated society, but regular Tai Chi practice can gently calm the mind while at the same time building up its...

May 12, 2015

Who doesn't love weapons?  I mean, it's practically a human right.  And kung fu people don't just like weapons, they love them.  Even the ones that hurt you.  Grr, nunchaku!  You pretty much have to love it to spend enough time practicing the mechan...

May 4, 2015

Everything that begins has to start from somewhere.  For those that choose the path of martial arts, it is the beginning of a long journey of development toward personal and physical mastery.  But what was it that got you started?  What got you out of bed or off of the...

March 11, 2015

Every year after the day's competing is done at the tournament, we have a spectacular evening demo that delights and thrills the audience.  This year was certainly no exception.  


Below are some highlights of the Evening Demo as performed by students from the...

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April 18, 2019

April 8, 2019

April 3, 2019

February 14, 2019

February 13, 2019

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