Also known as the Crow pose in yoga, this I Chin Ching exercise helps to open the hips, relax the inner thigh muscles, and build balance and strength in the hands and forearms.  A few minutes a day is all it takes to feel some lasting results.

Yang Tai Chi is noted for its slow, smooth movement. Step softly, transfer your weight gently, and draw the movements deep into the legs and hips. You have an unlimited reserve of power inside you and Yang Tai Chi helps you find it by letting you concentrate inward dur...

Twist with the waist, wind up for power, and unleash on the bag or target like the cracking end of a bullwhip.  Keep your elbow bent, and push with the legs, moving your entire body weight through the strike. Get a brave partner to hold the bag for you!

(My wife took the video, so it's focused on our son, Sebastian. It was not his birthday, but he had a great time playing along anyway!)

Having fun teaching Nunchaku swings and doing kung fu with the kids at a birthday party in Dripping Springs. I can come to your child'...

Peggy talks about the atmosphere of learning and community at Shaolin Martial Arts.  We aim to be a place where everyone can fit in.

Peggy talks about her search for a Tai Chi teacher and what made her choose Sifu Mike at Shaolin Martial Arts.

Peggy talks about what made her want to join Shaolin-Do and start learning Tai Chi.

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