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China Trip 2014

In June of 2014, 91 people who were either students of Shaolin-Do or associated with a student got on a plane in Houston and flew 14 hours to China. It was a trip put together by Master Schaefer and it was packed with memories that none of us can ever forget. Grandmaster Sin The' even came along with us and said that he had the time of his life.

There are far too many memories to pack into a small blog page, so here are a few of the highlights.

Photos courtesy of Jill Parkes.


Above: Me on Hua Mountain. This is the West Peak and it took almost all day to get up there.


Above: Jill and I getting soaked on Hua Mountain.


Above: Me on top of the Great Wall of China


Above: Amy, Jason, Me, and Jill on top of the Great Wall. Lots of stairs.


Above: Chilling in the Forbidden City.


Above: I found a home in a hotel courtyard in HuaShan.

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