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About Us

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Michael Sandham has been studying Shaolin-Do Kung Fu and Tai Chi since 2001.  He currently holds a 6th Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu (Rank of Master) and a 4th Degree Black Sash in Tai Chi (Rank of Sifu).  He has been teaching since 2003 and opened Shaolin Martial Arts in Lakeway, TX in November 2014.


Julie Sandham, Associate Master Michael Sandham, and our teacher Senior Master Joe Schaefer of Austin Shaolin-Do Kung Fu & Tai Chi.

Promotion to 5th Degree Black Belt, Associate Master on 3/2/2018

Pictured on the right are my teachers, colleages, and Grandmaster, all of whom helped to make this momentous day possible.

Promoted to 6th Degree Black Belt - Master


Pictured with Elder Master Joe Schaefer (left) who runs the Austin Kung Fu and Tai Chi school, and Grandmaster Sin The' (right) the only Grandmaster of Shaolin-Do. 

With my original teacher, Senior Master Sean O'Brien.  We both got promoted on the same day!


I owe all of my success to this man who got me started down the Shaolin-Do path in 2001.

Grandmaster Sin Kwang The' - 10th Degree Black Belt, and the Grandmaster of the Shaolin-Do system.

He directs our training in Shaolin-Do and inspires us every day!

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