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Our kids learn the same material as the adults in our school. They learn that hard work is the only key to success in everything you do.  We do not emphasize competition, just self-improvement.


We take things slow with the kids and pace our teaching to their particular speed of development.  We will not push the kids too fast and make them feel uncomfortable, or let them get bored with what they are learning.  Because of this, belt testing may take a little longer for the kid students, but that's okay!  We want them to have fun and understand the material most of all.


Belt Testing for Children:


Kids have to grow as a person in many ways.  They must work hard on something and try to improve their performance over time.  This teaches that effort has its own rewards and that nothing comes without effort.  After all, Kung Fu loosely translates to "Excellence Through Effort".


In class, the kids get a first-hand education in the laws of cause and effect.  They can't rely on you to shout the answers to their belt test to them from across the room, they must do it for themselves.  How valuable is it to learn to rely upon yourself for success?


The Shaolin-Do Kung Fu curriculum is derived from the last Shaolin Temple in Fukien Province of China.  It is the perfect combination of form and application, strength and flexibility, linear and circular movement, as well as power and grace.  It takes discipline to learn and creates strong, motivated induviduals who know their own worth.


Shaolin-Do Kung Fu is based on the fighting styles of different animals throughout history. First we begin by teaching you basic skills such as stances, posture, and simple punches and kicks. Then as you progress, we move on to linking these simple techniques together.


Sample of what the Kids will learn: Tiger, White Crane, Monkey, Dragon, Snake, Praying Mantis, Staff, Spear, Nunchaku, Sparring Techniques, Self-Defense, and more!



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