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The Adult Kung Fu curriculum is derived from the last Shaolin Temple in Fukien Province of China.  It is the perfect combination of form and application, strength and flexibility, linear and circular movement, as well as power and grace.


Shaolin-Do Kung Fu is based on the fighting styles of different animals throughout history. First we begin by teaching you basic skills such as stances, posture, and simple punches and kicks. Then as you progress, we move on to linking these simple techniques together.


Soon you will be learning the animal forms directly, exactly as first taught out by Grandmaster Sin Kwang The'.  Shaolin-Do even incorporates weapons training in the early stages, so you will become a fully rounded and skilled martial artist. 


Shaolin-Do is more than just a fighting art. It is a way of self-mastery.  By studing the efficiency and balance of nature, we gain understanding and respect for life. The ancient Chinese observed the diverse fighting strategies of the animal kingdom and realized that like animals, people also required fighting techniques suited to their unique physical statures.


Each class will keep you aerobic for 20-30 minutes and then allow time to learn and practice the fascinating forms from Shaolin-Do that include almost every style and weapon you can imagine.


Just a partial list of animal and weapons styles you will learn:  Tiger, Crane, Monkey, Bird, Praying Mantis, Dragon, Snake, Bo Staff, Short Stick, Spear, Broadsword, Sai, Nunchaku, and many, many more.  


Shaolin-Do has over 900 forms and only Grandmaster Sin The' knows them all!


***Each class is tailored to the specific needs of the students who are learning. No need to worry about not fitting in or feeling out of your depth!  Even a beginner should feel right at home in our comforable atmosphere. ***

Kung fu isn't just for kids. Come learn
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