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What Our Students Say About Us...

Here is what a few students had to say!

"Michael from Shaolin Martial Arts is an incredible teacher with passion that absolutely pours out during his lessons.  I was a first time martial arts student last month and he led me at my level while sharing his passion of Shaolin-do through basic techniques (my level) while giving me a glimpse of potential through postings in his studio as well as showing a few himself that he continues to master.  He also shared tidbits of Shaolin-do and Chinese history which was completely fascinating!

He is the most passionate professional I have ever worked with in any field.  If you are looking for a teacher, mentor, workout, friend, life balance, then I would put my trust and energy into Michael and Shaolin Martial Arts.  He will take a personal interest in guiding you to what you want to accomplish and where you want to be.

I could not recommend him more."


Kelby Klosterman, Certified Personal Trainer at Epic Performance Training.

"I've been doing Kung Fu for about 12 years and needed help learning a particular form and reviewing some old forms I hadn't done for a while. Since I know Mike is an incredible teacher and that he had recently opened a new school, I decided to tap into his knowledge and experience and signed up for some private lessons with him. The school is so inviting, you feel like you are in the perfect place to learn Kung Fu! I don't pick up forms particularly fast but Mike is a patient teacher...we worked extremely hard for an hour and I  walked out having learned 1/2 of the new form and had a video so I could perfect the part of the form I'd learned until my next lesson. Mike embodies the spirit and has the skills and dedication of a successful martial arts teacher and I'm so glad he's pouring his passion into his own school! I know students will love learning Kung Fu and Tai Chi from Sifu Mike and that his school will continue to grow!"

Janice Pierce, Shaolin-Do 3rd Degree Black Belt

"If I had an option to give six stars, I would do it. My son, Reuben A Paul and I started training in Shaolin Do Kung Fu program about 5 years ago, starting in the Pflugerville School under Sifu Sean Gooden and then moving to the main school in North Austin to train under Sifu Gary Hart and Senior Master Joe Schaefer whom we greatly respect and love. This is where we met Sifu Michael Sandham (founder of Lakeway Shaolin-Do), of whom anything I say, would fall short of how fantastic he is as a Sifu and as a person. Michael would help me and Reuben in forms that we struggled with and his patience and teaching style/method is truly awesome. I have had the pleasure of sparring once with Sifu Michael and let us just say that the odds were never in my favor :-) He demonstrates each step meticulously and to be trained by him is certainly a honor."

Mano Paul, Shaolin-Do Black Belt and parent

"Although it sounds cliche, Shaolin- Do has literally changed my life. Over the six years I've studied the system, I've gained a much greater sense of discipline and self confidence. I was able to apply the invaluable lessons learned through Shaolin Do to other aspects of my life, earning leadership positions throughout high school and having the confidence to join the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M. A large portion of this I can attribute to Sifu Mike's excellent teaching. He is an embodiment of the Shaolin way, and just an overall great guy."

Marshal Covin, Shaolin-Do Black Belt

"Michael is such a fantastic martial arts teacher! He is one of the best martial artists ever, yet is very patient and understanding with inexperienced students."

Patricia Krivoshein, Shaolin-Do Black Belt.

"I began studying Shaolin-Do kung fu with Michael Sandham in 2002. I came to the school thinking it would be a fun way to stay active. At the time, I didn't realize what a profound impact martial arts would have on my life, both in and outside of class. I've gained strength, balance, flexibility and self-defense skills. I've also gained confidence, camaraderie, and the ability to manage stress more effectively. Heart disease has affected many generations of my family, and it seems I have broken that pattern. I attribute my clean bill of health to the physical and mental well-being that I've achieved through kung fu."

Michelle Hurtado, Shaolin-Do 2nd Degree Black Belt

"I moved from Houston to the Hill Country in 2006 looking for a new direction in life. I was overweight with health problems stacking up and dealt with life as I saw it through alcohol. The first few months was a struggle until I decided to give something a try I have always wanted to try. My gut was drawn to a Kwoon called Shaolin Do Kung Fu and Tai Chi in San Marcos, Tx. Little did I know that this experience would change the course of my life forever. This is where I first met Sifu Sandham and immediately was drawn to his passion for his art. Getting to know Sifu over the years he has aways kept in touch with me through my journeys and my 3 year hiatus due to surgeries.  Over this time Sifu has been a great friend, mentor and instructor not only in my love for Shaolin Do but in life and struggles we all deal with. I still speak to my family in San Marcos and all of the instructors treated me like family and that bond has lasted throughout the years and that is what the difference is in other schools, we are a family. Sifu Sandham is as good a person I have ever met and his passion and skills in the Shaolin Do arts has provided us with a wonderful teacher and I for one am ready to go. My respect for Sifu and what he has meant to me will have me driving over an hour to train with my good friend and Sifu. You will find no better of a teacher for children or adults of all ages to help transform your life into a path to enlightenment"

Brian Vickers, Shaolin-Do Brown Belt

"I have known and trained with Mike for over 10 years. During that time, whether it was kung fu, music, or some other task we had, he has always shown a complete dedication to his craft. His thoughtfulness and patience in his training and interactions with other students has always amazed me. He is an excellent teacher of both children and adults alike, and it has been a pleasure to observe his growth in his kung fu training. Grace and power—that is what Sifu Sandham has mastered beautifully." 

Brent Raschke, Shaolin-Do Black Belt

Kelby from Epic.PT

Janice at the Forbidden City in China , 2014.

Mano & Ruben with Grandmaster The' after testing

Marshal judges at a tournament

Michelle rocks a White Crane form

Grandmaster Sin The' and Brian

Brent poses in San Marcos

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