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Relax from head to toe, breath deep and focus your mind on movement and energy flow.  This class calms the mind, but also builds inner strength, balance, and graceful body control through simple awareness.


Tai Chi is based on the ancient teachings of Bodhi Dharma, who brought Buddhism from India to China thousands of years ago. It is a low impact exercise that works with slow movement to create strength in the muscles and stability in the joints.


Tai Chi can be practiced by people of any age or ability and can lead to long term health benefits such as improved circulation, better joint health, increased strength, decreased stress and anxiety, and increased energy.


Tai Chi is also a very effective martial art that teaches methods of close-in fighting, redirection, and balance. 


The name Tai Chi Chuan actually means "Grand Ultimate Fist" in Chinese. It was the ultimate fighting art for one reason: it held the keys to personal mastery, body awareness, and self-knowledge.  No wonder it is one of the fastest growing health crazes in the world.


Breathe deep from your center, empty to the navel and move slowly from the spine.  This is the essence of Tai Chi.


Our Tai Chi program includes the traditional Yang 24 and 64 and Chen 83 forms, plus Pa Kua, Hsing Yi, and incorporates such weapons as: Broadsword, Tai Chi Straight Sword, Yin-Yang Dagger, Chen Iron Fan, and more.


We also practice Push Hands, a one-on-one technique that teaches trapping, distance, fluid motion, and sensitivity.


Tai Chi incorporates the internal system of Chi Kung, or "Air Mastery", a system of deep rythmic breathing and focused mind techniques to create harmony and energy inside the body.  They also emphasize flexibility and strength in the muscles and tendons.  Meditation helps to hone the mind's focus to a laser beam and calm the body enough to feel the energy cultivation of Tai Chi.


It truly is the Ultimate Exercise for all ages. 




  • Calmly energize your mind & body


  • Lower Your Blood Pressure


  • Feel More Flexible


  • Gently Increase Strength & Balance


  • Strengthen your Immune System


  • Decreased Stress and Anxiety


  • Increased Aerobic Capacity


  • Increased Energy and Stamina


  • Increased Flexibility, Balance and Agility


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