Open House Photos

I know this is a bit late in coming, but here is a selection of highlights from our OPEN HOUSE event in January. We had a great turnout and everybody had a ton of fun!

Thank you again to everyone who helped me plan the event, or if you came out and performed some material. You all rocked like superstars, and I very much appreciate the help.

Take a look below, and see some of our Shaolin-Do men and women in action!

Sifu Mike talks about Shaolin-Do history

A crowd gathers to watch...

Amy Cavaliere performs Flying Tiger

Sifu Terry performs 1st level Bo Staff

Michelle Hurtado performs Luo Han Chen

Erik Atkinson performs Night Battle Broadsword

Torin performs 3rd Road of White Crane

Sifu Terry performs 1st Road of Shaolin Bird

Sifu Mike performs Golden Hero Nets the Tiger

Melody performs General Kwon's Knife

Michelle Hurtado performs Table Top Sword

Phil Carinas performs Skewer the Sun Sword

Sifu Mike performs Tai Chi Fan

Demonstrating the Tiger Hook Swords

Sifu Mike performs the 1st Road of Double Daggers

#openhouse #daggers #tigerhook #straightsword #skewerthesun #taichifan #tabletopsword #flyingtiger #kwondao

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