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Posing with the Grandmaster

Weston and Marshal pose with the Grandmaster at our February tournament. You can see by the medals around their necks that both of these guys did quite well.

They have been students of the San Marcos school for years, starting in the kid's programs and graduating up to adult classes.

It has been a while since I had a hand in personally training either of them, but I still consider them part of my inner circle and some of the best students I've ever worked with.

This June, Marshal even got to come with Shaolin-Do and the Grandmaster on a 2-week tour of China. Seeing his face light up as we visited all the places he had been hearing about in Shaolin-Do lore, was one of the bes experiences of the entire trip.

Marshal is on his way to Texas A & M University in the fall. Good luck buddy!


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