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Promotions Ceremony - February 22, 2024

We had a great visit from Grandmaster Sin The' this weekend. He conducted a few testing sessions and taught out 2 seminar forms. Here is a compilation of photos from my POV as the teacher of the Lakeway Shaolin-Do school. Please enjoy!

I attended the Testing session at the North Austin School on Thursday night. Near the end of the evening all the Masters were called together, and some new promotions were announced!

Master Mike was promoted to 6th Degree Black Belt - Master


Senior Master Sean O'Brien was promoted to 7th Degree Black Belt - Senior Master


SM Sean was Master Mike's first teacher at the San Marcos Shaolin-Do school, going back to 2001...

Master Mike's test buddy was promoted to 6th Degree Black Belt - Master

Anh Nguyen and I tested for 4th Black and 5th Black Belt together, and now we both got promoted on the same night. Our trajectories and ascensions are forever linked...Congratulations, Annie!!

And Finally....a photo together with all the new Masters. Congratulations to everyone who was promoted!

Jeff Blackburn - 6th Master

Sean O'Brien - 7th Senior Master

Sheryl Schaefer - 7th Senior Master

Anh Nguyen - 6th Master

Michael Sandham - 6th Master


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