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First Classes! (Adults)

Our first Adult Kung Fu class was a success! Many thanks to those who made long trips in order to support our school and make sure that we had a rocking opening night.

In order to property honor the space, since we were all Black Belts anyway, we spent the first class going through all the material from White-Black. Including the weapons, as you can see!

It felt fantastic to have so much support and to see that people who love our style and community are willing to get together to help out a hopeless dreamer (me) on a quest to build something great.

The more, the merrier. So get yourselves out to the Lakeway kwoon and come train with us. Or, even better, talk to a friend or co-worker an convince them to come try out a class! The more Shaolin-Do friends we have, the stronger our school becomes, and the more it can do for all of us together.

Stay strong, train hard!

--Sifu Mike


Photos by Bernard Ortiz, used with permission.

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