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OPEN HOUSE Jan 18th!


Sunday, January 18th

at 1pm


Let's invite friends and guests to come see the new Shaolin-Do school out in Lakeway! We can all celebrate together, demonstrate our finely-tuned skills, and help transmit our love of Shaolin-Do to new people.

Invite your friends and neighbors, co-workers and distant relations! Anyone who is interested in learning more about traditional Chinese martial arts like Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi are welcome to attend. Bring your kids! We are looking to fill a couple spots in our Kid's kung fu program for the new semester, it's a great way to keep the kids active and fit!


The adult programs of Kung Fu and Tai Chi are exciting and fun for people of all levels and abilities. Increase your vitatlity and decrease your stress by coming and studying with us! Learn valuable skills such as self-defense and discipline which carry over into our daily lives and help us achieve our goals.


The event will be entirely free and will include free introductory lessons into Kung Fu and Tai Chi for all newcomers who wish to participate. No sign-ups or obligation needed. It is a perfect fit for anyone interested in trying out a new program for 2015. They'll get more than just fitness, it becomes a lifestyle! Help spread the kung fu love, and let's have a great turnout for our first big event of 2015! ***Feel free to invite anyone who may be interested***

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