Past Tournament/Demo photos (2011)

Just for your viewing pleasure, I will be posting selections of highlights from the past few tournaments and evening demonstrations. I hope this will show everyone how much fun we have coming together to celebrate Shaolin-Do, and encourage you to participate.

It's no fun if no one's there! The people are what make it fun. So put away your hangups and step out of your comfort zone and come do something for real with us!

Also, for friends and family, it's a super cheap price ($5) to come and spectate and see something amazing that you'll talk about for weeks. It may even change your life, like it did for all of us out there!

Kids' Demo practice

Sifu Paul is in charge...

A fair fight

Master Sean gets angry

Sifu Ben shows a throw

Marshal performs Double Dagger

The Masters perform Li Kwei Axes

We all do Tai Chi together

Grandmaster Sin Kwan The'

Grandmaster performs the Eagle Fist for a stunning finale!

#kungfutournament #taichi #grandmastersinthe #eveningdemonstration #lonestarchallenge

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