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Past Tournament/Demo photos (2014) - Year of the Horse

The big winners at every tournament are the competitors. Not because they win places or medals or trophies. But because they get out there and do something difficult.

Public speaking is one of most people's greatest fears. How about public demonstrations? It's not easy to get in front of an entire gymnasium of people and perform at a high level. It's a skill that you learn just like anything else. And you know how you get better at it? You guessed it: practice.

Here some of Shaolin-Do's heros who took the plunge and performed in the 2014 Year of the Horse evening demonstration.


Robert acts like a Monkey


Sifu Ben performs a straight sword form


Sifu Julie performs the Sai kata


Sifu Tommy with a broadsword


Sifu George does a broadsword form

Master Don Duncan performs Giant Pa Kua Broadsword

Master Joe wields the Li Kwei Axes


Grandmaster Sin The' performs the Twirling Hands Pa Kua Broadsword


A family moment...

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