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Spring Break Closure (COVID-19)

Shaolin Martial Arts Community,

The concern around public health continues. To keep everyone safe, we have decided to take a Spring Break week until March 23rdand close the school building and cancel public classes until we are confident that we can operate safely.

We are busy preparing to keep in touch and engaged with you online. I want to reassure you that your training will continue! I wish that we could be at the school together, but we can at least be together through our efforts and communications.

I hope you all enjoyed the video workout we posted this weekend! We got great feedback from students and it was neat to try something new! If you haven’t had a chance to keep up with us online, please make a commitment to watch and follow along on the next one. You will be proud of yourself for doing it, and you will be contributing to the strength of our community!

Please email, call or text to let me know how I can help you survive and thrive this week! I would love to hear from you guys, to know you’re safe and what you’re up to this week.

In the Shaolin Martial Arts community, your well being is our top priority.

We have no control over the world outside, the only thing we can control is how we deal with this situation while it's here. For me, there is no option other than the assurance of our student's health and safety.

While things are uncertain at the moment, that means that we have to act with caution. However, you can be certain of the school's commitment to your learning and meeting your own personal goals. Simply talk to Master Mike if you need some additional help or resources.

As Mister Chris says, “Sucess in Kung Fu (or Tai Chi) is precated by a lot of self study.” So be curious, study up on your own and keep your skills current. The world changes fast, we won't be down long, count on that.

You can follow our updates at: Facebook or

Master Mike is always available to answer any questions about the shutdown. Email him at or call 512-743-7261.

For students who want to remain engaged and training during the Spring Break week, here's what we're doing to stay on top of things:

  • On regular class days (M, W, S), I will release a 30-45 minute group training video. This will cover basic skills and closely mimic the first half of class. There will be one for the Kung Fu Program, and one for the Tai Chi Program. You can follow along at home and still get your workout and skill practice in.

  • Those of you who are working on new forms or techniques may receive video help.

  • Master Mike will be available to answer material questions during your regularly scheduled class times.

  • After we open back up (hopefully next week) we will extend Saturday classes for an additional 30 minutes to help students catch up on material.

Love and Safety,

Master Mike

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