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Zoom Classes

I hope everyone has been having fun attending the Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes over Zoom. I'm having a blast teaching you guys from my garage! Even still, I can't wait to get back to meeting in person for class. If you haven't joined us online yet, please check out our online classes. We are following the regular schedule of classes, and you can find all the information you need to attend an online class right here: Zoom is easy to use and free to you. You don't need to make an account, just click on the link on the schedule and it will pop you into the room with us. You can use your laptop, or most modern smartphones. We are utilizing our assistant instructors and Zoom's Breakout Room feature to make sure everyone gets some one-on-one time with a teacher and can keep moving their progress forward. Also, just to make practicing at home a bit easier, recordings of all of these sessions are available for further review or extra practice. They will be posted a day or two after class here: Additionally, Master Mike is available to answer questions or shoot short personalized training videos for any students who need them upon request. These are trying times, and we need all the help we can get. If you are struggling to keep up at home and need a little extra help, just send an email to and tell Master Mike what you need. Once this Stay at Home advisory is lifted, we will hit the ground running and catch up in true Shaolin style, never doubt that!


Join Master Mike for a Facebook LIVE broadcast doing a workout from the I Chin Ching exercises! Friday 4/3 2:00 P.M. on the Shaolin Martial Arts FB page. Event link:

Zoom Happy Hour Social Friday 4/3 5:00 P.M. - ??? The plan is just to meet online and hangout. Since we're all cooped up, we might as well try to stay social and feel some togetherness. Pop in and say hi! Event link:

Lastly, just for fun, I've been uploading lots of old video from many years of competition to YouTube. It's just for your entertainment at home, but you also might find some inspiration here. So, if you want to see something fun, down the rabbit hole you go:

Happy training, stay safe! --Master Mike 5th Degree Black Belt 4th Degree Black Sash

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