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Testing Weekend 9/26-9/27

NOTE These Details & Differences

Please Read Carefully for Dates, Details, etc... for this weekend's test.

The Schedule

Saturday 9/26 3-6 P.M.

North Austin School Testing


3-4:30 pm will be Kung Fu testing

4:30 -6 pm will be tai chi testing

Sunday 9/27 2:30-3:30 P.M.

Students from other schools (formerly out-of-town testing)

Lakeway, New Orleans, DC, Cincinnati, etc...


2:30-3 will be Kung Fu Testing

3-3:30 will be Tai Chi Testing

Remember to Have Your Space Ready

If you do not have sufficient space to perform higher level material (Hua forms for instance) and would like to test from the South school during their time slot, you can. Just let us know in advance. They will be testing on the parking lot (this is why they get the first time slot), distanced properly and masked. In the event of rain, people will wait in their cars and be called in a few at a time to maintain safe distance, and test from inside the south school.

The Procedures


We originally told you to log in to the usual zoom address, but we are changing it to a test-specific zoom address. This will be shared through email with people testing only.

Please log in 10 minutes before the time listed above for your test group.

When you Login enter this info as your "name" – Testing For Belt, Name, School

Example: 2nd Black Sash - John Smith - North School

If you have any issues or questions, text me, Master Sheryl, during the test. I will either handle it and/or connect with M. Joe in California with GM Sin. My cell is 512-228-8370, and remember to identify yourself if you are not already a personal contact. (You can also call Master Mike at 512-743-7261)

Zoom students testing will, unfortunately, not be able to have spectators present because it will make it too difficult with that many screens, for GM Sin and the committee, to see all the people testing at once or in small groups.

Any non-testing students will be removed from zoom.

1. Once you log in to the main room, we will create a breakout room for testing.

2. Students will be moved to the testing breakout room in groups, where I will confirm your testing information.

3. We will add Grandmaster Sin to the testing breakout room when the group is ready.

4. Everyone will be muted.

5. Once group is finished and Grandmaster Sin announces testing results, students will stay long enough for a group photo, then need to leave while we bring in the next group. Zoom students will get their certificates and any new belts or sashes through the mail.

Good luck to everyone! Practice, practice, practice!

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