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November Events

Happy Autumn!

This newsletter is to inform you of a few events going on at Shaolin Martial Arts during the month of November. Pay attention to dates and details, and be sure to get the most of your Kung Fu or Tai Chi training at our school. Fall is a great, invigorating time for training. The weather is great for outdoor practice, those of you who go running or walking or biking can take full advantage of it, and with the holidays coming up, we can train like mad, knowing that we will take that energy into 2021 and advance all of our goals with it. :) So, as the temperatures fall, don't slow down. Turn it up! Double down and push through. Master Mike and the school will be here to help you get there! Here's what's going on in November 2020:



Dress up for class! We will hold all regular classes on Halloween day. Students of all ages are encouraged to wear their costumes to class! We will have a fun, special time. You may bring treats to share, individually wrapped of course, and wear your best Halloween costume!

If you don't have a costume or choose not to dress up, that's OK too. It's not a requirement, just some extra fun for Halloween. At the end of each class we will gather for a group photo.

Join in the fun!

Friday 11/13/2020 6:30 - 7:30 P.M.

Parking Lot Class

Sifu Brian will host an outdoor class every other Friday, beginning on November 13th. This class is open to anyone in Kung Fu or Tai Chi, regardless of age, belt level, or recent attendance. Think of it like study hall. This will be an extra chance to review the material you are learning and receive some additional help.

There will be no Zoom component to this class, it is in-person only.In case of foul weather, he will use discretion and either bring class inside, or cancel as appropriate.

Class will NOT be held November 27th, in observation of Thanksgiving weekend. Dates for December will be announced soon. Contact Master Mike with any questions.

Sunday 11/15/2020 12:30 - 2:00 P.M. Drunken Broadsword Seminar

Master Mike will teach Chuei Tao (drunken broadsword).

This is a short and easy extra form filled with fantastic techniques for sword fighting and dexterity. It is meant to mimic the movements of a drunk person, and feels like pirate fighting.

Weapons are not included in the seminar price. They are available separately, just ask Master Mike. I will make an extra order before the seminar, so if you're coming and need a weapon, speak up soon! The deadline to order a broadsword for the seminar is 11/9.

You can also learn the form with just a stick if you prefer. We will hold this seminar outside in the parking lot.

Seminar Cost: $40

Pay online or at the door.

To register online,CLICK HERE


November 24-28th, 2020

The school will be CLOSED and no classes will be held. Have a fun, safe time with your families and we will train hard the following Monday to try and work off all that turkey!

Recent Belt Tests:

Congratulations Blake, new Blue Belt! Congratulations Josh, new Green Belt!


The Holidays are coming up fast! There are lots of fall sales on sparring gear, weapons, merchandise, and more from all of my wholesalers. But it doesn't pay to procrastinate. If you want to order ANYTHING for the coming gift-giving season, the deadline to get those orders in with Master Mike is 12/1/2020. After that, I can't guarantee it will ship in time. Need help with an order? Email Master Mike at

Final note...

You are all amazing and your dedication has carried me through this hard time. Thank you for your continued support, and let's have a rocking November!

--Master Mike Sandham 5th Degree Associate Master

Copyright © 2020 Shaolin Martial Arts, LLC, All rights reserved.


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