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Here are some kind words from a friend and colleague who moved away a couple of years ago:

"I’ve studied martial arts for over 8 years at many different schools and I can confidently say that Sifu Mike is hands down one of the best teachers I have ever found. He brings great positive energy to his classes and genuinely wants to see his students succeed at their personal goals. The atmosphere of the school is warm, respectful, and encouraging especially towards women - which being a woman martial artist myself means a great deal.

But beyond his teaching, Sifu Mike is a great friend and coach. He has spent the last year keeping me accountable and motivated in my goals to get back in shape after having my little girl. He has given me excellent advice and tips on how to structure my workouts tailored to my post-natal rehabilitation.

And nothing beats results! In this year alone, I have dramatically improved my strength and form to a level close to where I was before my baby. And I’ve gone down 2 dress sizes as well. I would recommend Sifu Mike to any woman (or man for that matter) who is looking for an engaging workout, a way to achieve a higher degree of discipline and confidence, or to learn how to properly defend yourself."

Tina Brakefield

Black Belt student in Shaolin-Do


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