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Just a page for some of the latest video content from our YouTube channel. If you enjoy watching these, be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!!!!

Wendy spars with Fabiola during her test for Yellow Belt. Sparring is part of the test for new belts so that we can see how you move, and how you think during times of stress. Developing these skills is key to using Kung Fu for self defense later when you need it.

Black Belt sparring match during class. Brian and Will like to go at it hard, and this clip has a pretty smooth takedown and follow through!

Running through Classical Pa Kua with the Tai Chi class. This is a circular internal martial art, all about evasion and throwing, as well as non-linear attacks.

Practicing short forms with the adult class. These are basic techniques meant to teach you fundamentals about balance, stability, form, and power.

Practicing Sparring Techniques in class. These are one-step fighting techniques that teach you distance, balance, timing, and how to chain attacks together.


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